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What is Latency? How Latency Works

Latency refers to the time it takes your PC and other devices to respond to an action such as clicking the link. While this doesn’t impact the majority of users’ Spotify listening or video streaming, it can cause issues for gamers that utilize satellite internet. Satellite internet is able to work with greater precision than wired connections. This can lead to poor gaming performance due to the high rate of loss of packets due to lengthy pings.

The term “latency” refers to the delay between the input (in this case an anchor) and the time when it’s given to other. In other words it is a factor to consider if you’re playing video games or viewing YouTube videos online then Latency also affects responsiveness due to the possibility of things to not be completely accurate with timing based on their speed across fiber optics cables which bring them into our homes, where we are able to be able to experience them for ourselves.

What’s the cause of Latency?

Latency can be a major pain problem for gamers and other End-users that want to watch their favorite content while on the go. The latency of your device is influenced by the distance between your device and the server. Also, Wi-Fi’s strength or type could affect the speed. There are many router/modem combinations available these days. If you think it’s a bit complicated initially, do not fret because we’re going to explain each piece here.


The term “latency” refers to the amount of time it takes for information to move from one point in space to another. This is the distance your system is from the server(s) that are providing the data requested by your device. If it’s not dissimilar enough, you’ll notice an increase in latency.

Propagation Delay

One of the most important aspects in determining the degree of the latency you experience when surfing on your computer or mobile device is known as “propagation delay.” It’s simple to see it as a singular factor, but it affects every other measure of the speed of connection and bandwidth we take into consideration, such as download speeds (because they rely on receiving data packets returned from the place they’re being sent) and uploads that depend upon having an enabled network interface card. The same applies for wireless connectivity too.

Types of Internet connections

There is a huge distinction in the latency for various internet connections. Fiber, cable, and DSL all have less speed than satellite. Satellite’s design means it requires more space to transmission. This results in long wait times, as well as greater buffering capability on sites you wish to access such as audio or videos.

What’s on a site?

Have you ever clicked on a link only to sit for a while waiting before it loaded? That was because they were trying to create their Angelfire site look appealing. It was filled with The Office memes, so every time you go to it it takes more time than normal.

If you visit a site that has large files, such as HD images or videos, your browser must download these files. There could be delays due to the fact they could be hosted on an external server.

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