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Taxi Booking Driver App Features And Benefit

Mobile solutions are vital for keeping your business on top of the market. The field of technology has seen a lot of innovation in the last few years. Taxis aren’t the only exception. Taxis will be different from competitors by being able adapt rapidly to new services such as Uber-like or rental companies that can offer similar amenities at lower prices and provide superior customer service in comparison to traditional taxi firms.

There are many different kinds of taxi apps that are available in the marketplace. The only one specifically designed for businesses with a long history and need is the One Type. It allows customers to make reservations quickly and assists drivers in finding possible cheaper fares more quickly than before.

The developers realized that drivers and passengers require different things, and so they developed two apps. This allows more personalized features, which gives you the exclusive chance to receive exactly what you need without interruptions.

The Driver Apps Must-Have Features

The taxi business is in constant competition. One crucial aspect to keeping customers loyal is to ensure that drivers have access to their application. Driver-friendly features give new customers as well as current ones more time on task with less hassle which ultimately results in improved service for all.

Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)

Drivers prefer using applications that make it easier for them to work and offer the best practices. The GPS tracking system tracks the location of passengers after they have given their permission it is easy for drivers to find them when they need them.

Button to Check Availability

Drivers are now able to use their smartphone to indicate that they are available to meet any new request or pick up any information. The driver will be notified immediately when there is an order. They can then locate another price or provide further details, like their address.

Driver Dashboard

With the new feature, drivers will be able to determine how they stack up against other participants in terms of overall performance and get useful statistics and insights about their journeys. Additionally, they can read the customer comments from previous rides for any negative or positive feedback from riders before deciding if it is something worth improving upon moving forward.

Alerts via SMS and Email

All important messages from passengers will be delivered to the taxicabs by SMS and email alerts. You can also respond to passengers’ queries using an easy interface. This is great for both the two parties.

Begin/End Ride

The most efficient method of finding your destination is with maps. The map will show you where the drop-off and pickup locations are, making it much easier for everyone involved.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

A passenger can request transportation and get an immediate response. If the driver isn’t responsive within 15-30 second of receiving the notification through the app, then it indicates that there are no cars are available in the area.

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