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All You Need To Know About Plastic Consulting Services

Phantom Plastics is the leading consultant service in plastics and polymers. Chris DeArmitt PhD, President of Phantom Plastics, can assist you with any problem you might be experiencing or offer the most innovative material.

How a Professional Plastics Consultant can assist you?

Much of what we think about plastics and the environment originates from Internet myths and other sources that aren’t trustworthy. How can we know which myths are true and which are not? Chris has many years of experience working in the industry of plastics. Chris can help you determine what is true and what is not.

Studies show that three-quarters of Americans don’t fully identify fake news. So, what is this saying for plastics? It means that a majority of Americans believe the false information regarding plastics. This means that educated sources can be relied upon to give the truth.

Chris is a well-known plastics materials scientist. He has spent the majority of his time studying research and writing articles looking for the truth. His goal is to educate people about plastics and let them be aware of the truth about these substances. He also is committed to problem solving and designing new materials for customers who are stuck and dissatisfied.

Innovative Plastics Formulations

Chris brings over 30 years of experience in the industry and a passion for sciences to solve problems for businesses with many PhD scientists. Chris is a PhD Chemist , and has been researching plastics for several years. Chris is a PhD chemist who understands molecular structure of materials. He is able to develop new materials with precision, rather than simply trying new materials to determine whether they’re effective. This process saves clients much money as well as time and frustration.

He can help, no matter if you face a critical issue or want to find solutions to an ongoing problem.

Chris is able to assist you with any issue you might have with thermoplastics.

– PE

– PP



– Nylon

If you require a stabilizer or mineral filler or compatibilizer or any other aid, the expert can design customized recipes.

Find the Expert Assistance You Need Today!

If you’re unhappy and need a solution that is effective, call Phantom Plastics today! Chris has developed custom recipes for a wide range of clients, both small and large that range from Fortune 500 to family owned businesses. Whatever your task is, he’ll handle clients with the same respect and sense of urgency as he would any other customer. He loves solving problems for clients and helping clients to comprehend the importance of the importance of plastic.

– Phantom Plastics is here to assist you with all of your plastic-related issues, including:

– Problem finding solution

– You can create breakthrough products or even materials that are light years ahead of the competition.

– Plastics education

– It is vital to be able to comprehend about plastics as quickly as you can and in the way that makes sense

– In helping you build your network through connecting potential clients, partners, and distributors

– Create a strategy that is effective

– As your advisor

Are you interested in more information?

Contact us today to find out more about Phantom Plastics and how we can help. Chris will listen and assist you understand what you need.

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