wasatch peace and justice

wasatch peace and justice

Foundation of A Nation is Good Faith

About Me


We provide information to the powerful, especially those with a political, professional, or financial interest in policymaking. With insight, edge, and authority, we enlighten this crucial audience. This is something we do anytime, whenever, and whatever our consumers need it. And no one does it better than us.

A wonderful workplace is required for great journalism and successful enterprises. We’re looking for folks that are enthusiastic, collaborative, and polite. Our culture is distinguished by unwavering grit, complete honesty, and a focus on innovation. We experiment to avoid being interrupted, and we like causing others to be disrupted. And we’re not afraid to take chances in order to be the greatest at what we do.

  • We call for an end to US military intervention in the Middle East and around the world.
  • We support the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination, and call for an end to the Israeli occupation.
  • We advocate that US tax dollars be used for public needs. – food, housing, health care, education, environmental protection, and economic security for all – not for war!
  • We defend Constitutional and workers’ rights for everyone in the US.
  • We affirm the inherent value and equality of all people and hold that racist views, such as anti-Arab and anti-Jewish views, are antithetical and unacceptable to the movement for peace and social justice.
  • We will work towards peace and justice by engaging in activities agreed upon by the members of the coalition.

What I Will Fight For

Health Care

Safer Communities

Climate Change

Reproductive Rights

Public Transportation

Education System


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