About the Wasatch Coalition for Peace and Justice

1. We call for an end to US military intervention in the Middle East and around the world.  
2. We support the Palestinian people's right to Self-Determination and call for an 
   end to the Israeli occupation.  
3. We advocate that US tax dollars be used for Public Needs - food, housing, health care,
   education, environmental protection and economic security for all - not for war.  
4. We defend Constitutional and Workers' Rights for everyone in the US.
5. We affirm the inherent value and equality of all people and hold that
   racist views, such as anti-Arab and anti-Jewish views, are antithetical and unacceptable
   to the movement for Peace and Social Justice.
6. We will work toward Peace and Justice by engaging in activities agreed upon at meetings 
   of the Coalition.  

American Indian Movement
Brown Berets
Campus Committee for Peace and Justice, University of Utah
CodePINK of Utah
Doctors and Nurses Against the War, Utah Chapter
Episcopal Peace Fellowship of Utah
Food Not Bombs!
Gandhi Alliance for Peace
Heterodox Economics Student Association, University of Utah
Military Families Speak Out, Utah
Mormons for Equality and Social Justice
The Mormon Worker 
Muslim Student Association, University of Utah
National Organization for Women, Utah Chapter
Northern Utah Peace Alliance, Ogden
Peace Advocacy Coalition
Peace and Justice Commission, Utah Catholic Diocese
U.S. Labor Against the War, Utah Chapter
Utah Jobs With Justice
Utah Socialists
 Utahns for a Just Peace in the Holy Land
Utah Valley University Faculty for Peace and Justice
Utah Veterans Against War
Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Utah Chapter
Veterans for Peace, Utah Chapter (118)
Veterans Peace Coalition
- for information, contact Dayne Goodwin, secretary, 801-364-0667:   Dayne   (daynegoodwin@gmail.com)